What is joy therapy?  

Joy therapy is the period during which you become accustomed to being happy, content, in harmony, and filled with love regardless of what is going on around you – near or far, in your country or in your family.

People need you to be happy. When you are happy, you make your best decisions. When you are calm and in harmony you are able to assess your situation without the influence of stress or aggression.

In the midst of the stress and negativity of our times, we must be able to comfort ourselves.

Joy therapy guarantees this inner peace and comfort. 

If you are one of those people who like to plan and then cross things off your “to do” list, then I have written out a programme for you with specific steps to take toward joy.

1. The main thing in joy therapy is to make the decision – I will be happy! When you have made this decision, fill your day with thoughts and actions that bring your life into harmony. Start with attitude: every day wake to the world and think – Good morning life, I love you! Say it in the morning, during the day, and in the evening. Tell it to the people you love. Say it to a child, to a dog or a cat, to your reflection in the mirror. Live your life with love, and your life will shower you with love. 

2. Use short, positive affirmations daily, assertions that will help fill your subconscious with positive energy. For example, I am happy and beautiful! I attract success! I am absolutely healthy, young, and beautiful! 

3. Pay attention to what you are listening toon the radio, on TV, at work. When working with yourself, you will not make progress if you turn on the news when you get home from work and fill your subconscious with negativity. Make sure that negative information does not knock you off balance.It can affect you even when it is just background noise. Of course, it is not possible to run away from all that is difficult, and this is exactly why we must increase those things in our lives that create positive energy. 

4. Be careful what you say about other people and about yourself. If you call yourself a stupid loser, then your subconscious will take it literally and you will attract these qualities. Say to yourself – I am smart, beautiful, and successful! This will make you feel good. You will feel more comfortable with yourself.

5. Health, strength, and vitality increase your feeling of well-being. Do things that create energy for you – breathing exercises, Pilates, yoga, Callanetics, slow or active exercise, taking walks, running, or physical work. If such physical activity does not make you feel better, then start by cleaning your house. You must do something, because strength creates more strength.

6. The environment around you is very important, a clean house, fresh air, order. Do things that help you feel in harmony with yourself! 

7. Healthy, deep sleep is very important. As you sleep, your strength returns. You know the saying – morning is wiser than evening. Questions that seem unsolvable at the end of the day don't seem so complicated after a good night's sleep. And a well-rested person is a happy person

8. A healthy diet is vital, because it renews your energy.

9. And, of course, you must care for your bodily and spiritual hygiene. Take a bath or shower every day, because water therapies are wonderfully cleansing and energising. Especially cool water procedures. Care for your soul – watch beautiful movies, read exciting books, take time for prayer and meditation. 

10. Symbols are important for the subconscious. Choose those symbols that help you remember happiness and success. If you want to fall in love then put things in pairs so that you get the feeling that they have found each other, for instance, two candleholders, two flowers. If you want to improve your material situation, place your jewellery box where you can see it. Look at pearls and jewels to remind your subconscious of wealth. If you want some extra help from above, then use angel figurines or other symbols. If you simply want to improve your mood and fill up with happiness, then activate yourself with those things that you really like and that inspire you. Who was it that said that when you are angry and dissatisfied and deny everything around you that that is the real you? Not true! When you were born you were a small, happy creature that was learning how to smile. Your soul is always happy, but during our lifetimes our minds and brains limit our happiness. If you listen to your intuition, the voice of your soul, you will be happy non-stop.

11. Live in abundance! Create within yourself the understanding that we live in abundance. We have everything we need. Value lies in the little things. 

12. Fall in love with yourself and enjoy other's successes. For instance, if you don't have enough money at the moment, go into an expensive store, try on a fur coat, look at yourself in the mirror – try on this kind of success and understand that it is also meant for you. It is not so important that you can't buy it at the moment. It is important to feel it, to understand that this beauty suits you. Actually, you don't need to own many things, you don't need millions to be happy. We often think that we need much more than we do. You might think that you would feel safer if you had a lot of money in the bank, but you don't actually know what that might be like. It might be a great deal of additional stress. 

13. Use small, insignificant, yet important things to keep generating your happiness. Play like a child – hum a happy melody and sway in rhythm while you are standing in line at the bank but sing loudly when you are making dinner. Let yourself feel wonder at those things that truly surprise you. Let yourself smile. The main thing is that you let yourself feel happy. 

14. Be happy yourself, and you will make others happy.

An excerpt from the book Breathe in Love and Happiness by Inese Prisjolkova