Dear reader!

Our desire for happiness and love is rooted in us from Nature and God. For as long as I can remember, I have always sought and tried to be happy. If I have learned to be happy and enjoy happiness as the core of my life, then so can you. If I have found love, started a family and am completely happy every day, then so can you.


By changing your attitude.

Changing your thinking.

Starting to live with joy.

Giving and receiving love.

By listening to your true essence and living in harmony with yourself.

Today I can say with certainty that everything - love, joy, marriage, family, a fantastic job and personal fulfilment - came into my life after I changed my attitude, which I call joy therapy

What is joy therapy and can it be learned?

Yes, it can. You just have to decide - I want to be happy and make others happy too. And from that moment on, you don't need to change anything else. Just nurture and tend that inner feeling. Like a hyacinth. Like an orchid. Like something incredibly beautiful and fragile. 

I love to share my experience and help others embark on this journey of joy therapy. I do it through my books, seminars, consultations, web and Facebook pages. Together with my husband Toms, I have established a Positive Thinking and Attitude Centre SPRING STUDIO, where I talk about theory and everyday examples, and we meditate together and share our experiences of moving from an ordinary existence to a happy life. And I hope that for you, my dear reader, the joy therapy journey with me has now begun!

Love, Inese